This article talks mainly about security solutions for Windows based computers. We would advise Mac and Chromebook users to check their security solutions, and make sure they are following the best advice for their platform.

In previous years, we have taken advice from PC Pro magazine, but in 2023, a confusing picture is emerging. We are told that Windows Defender is now just as good as many “paid-for” products – so come renewal time, you should just unsubscribe, uninstall and make sure your Windows Defender is up to date – and save money 🙂

Suddenly, after 20 months of recommending the Finnish product “F-Secure” we find that the almost unheard of (in the UK at least) US product “G Data Total Security” is now the “top” product, and no doubt will be recommended for many months to come, in that publication.

This rather confusing picture prompted us to look elsewhere – to see what other industry voices were recommending. Over at PC Magazine, we have a rather “fuzzy” list of products, which are all recommended for different reasons – but at least the list is on-line and instantly checkable here (Incidentally, they have “BitDefender” at the top of their list).

Safety Detectives” don’t believe Windows Defender is good enough, and recommend Norton 360 instead – check out their article here. – A conclusion that another site “Comparitech” agrees with.

Personally, I’ve never hear of the above two sites since I decided to have a look around – some more trusted old favourites are “Toms Hardware” – which recommends BitDefender, and “TechRadar” which also recommends BitDefender.

So all in all, a lot of customers who still use BitDefender will be heartened by those last two, but one wonders about bias and how independent all these differing views are. It’s like, we used to trust the BBC for un-biased reporting. I don’t anymore.

I will be reading up on security in the coming year, but for now, I am happy to give Windows Defender a try when the time comes – my subscription runs out in 2024 – by which time, I expect to have updated this article!